Generate Ideas To Improve Your City


Generate Ideas To Improve Your City

We are crowd sourcing ideas to make Bangalore and Manchester better places to live and work.

We want real world solutions - big or small - that will improve areas of city life such as governance, environment, economy, technology, housing, sports or youth engagement.

If you have an idea then submit it here. Feel free to refine your idea with other users and encourage your family and friends to vote up your idea.

The winning ideas will be presented to a distinguished panel which includes Sir Howard Bernstein (Manchester City Council) David Puttnam (Academy Award winner, House of Lords) M.N. Reddi (Indian Police Service), and Diane Modahl (Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist).

 Vote, comment, submit or refine your ideas below.


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A city contains many experts, incredible knowledge, local talents and millions of ideas.  For most of us what we have learned is from our lives, other inspirational people with something to share.  We all have something to give that is not always applicable to a course, or a certificate or a room full of people.  It might be local knowledge, specialised expertise or a persobal reflection or way of dealing with a problem.  Much of this brilliance is lost , or remains dormant, as only a few...

by PeterShukie
110 Votes

The ICU (the Independent Community Unit) is an organisation created to address a range of community issues through the facilitation of platforms and forums for communication .   We call this ‘ communitication ’; the communication of the community .   We recognise that the health of a community relies inextricably upon the communities’ ability to communicate and ultimately our key aim and objective is to provide opportunities to enhance the well being of both individuals and...

by ICU
69 Votes

  CHILDREN NEED BOOKS!   “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.” Neil Gaiman   In the Manchester Writing School, we passionately believe that creativity should be at the heart of every child’s education, and are committed to ensuring opportunities for reading, writing and storytelling for as many children and young people as possible.   We also believe in encouraging and equipping writers of children’s books—from The Hungry Caterpillar through to...

Catherine Wilcox
by Catherine Wilcox
61 Votes
Catherine Wilcox

P e a c e M a l a  is  dedicated to fostering and practising inter-cultural and inter-faith tolerance through the process of attending workshops designed to re-educate people into their community and to share thoughts and ideas of our common values and how we have many links that unite us not divide us, following on from this we encourage people to make and to wear and to share a symbolic Mala (bracelet) whose beads represent various faiths and values.  The concept is “promotion...

by Malaika
50 Votes

Problem We Are Trying To Solve   Our current schooling system dates back to the British era, where the sole purpose of schools, and colleges, was to prepare large numbers of people for the factories and for administrative purposes . Personal choices and interest did not matter when sustenance was at stake. Following orders was more important than thinking . However, this system still exists, with lots of people working on jobs that they have no love for, following a mob...

by AbhijitSinha
25 Votes

Bangalore has numerous parks that dot the cityscape. Sadly, most of them are locked through the day and only opened for those who want to walk or exercise in the morning and evening hours. That's just silly. Let's keep our parks open through the day!  Cubbon Park: probably Bangalore's last, accessible lung space and it's depleting rapidly. As someone who sees the beautiful bird life and plant life in the park, we have to block off the park for traffic entirely. Sure it will cause some pain...

Abhijeet Mehta
by Abhijeet Mehta
13 Votes
Abhijeet Mehta

Taxi Cabs (Uber, Ola, others) : a lot of them drive rashly & honk too much. A lot of this is cause their incentives are based on number of journeys a day. There is already legislation on the way to stop them from going over 2x in rates. Be great if we can add max speeds, incentives based on hours on duty (with mandatory breaks during the day for lunch and refreshments).

Tushar Kapila
by Tushar Kapila
9 Votes
Tushar Kapila
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